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Our Companies in Telecommunications :
Munir Sukhtian Algeria
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Our companies specialize in providing turn-key solutions for both the commercial and government sectors. We provide IT solutions and system integrations with its telecom infrastructure capabilities.

Services & Activities

• Cellular networks.
• Switching and transmission systems.
• Rural communications.
• Local networks.
• Microwave.
• Trunking systems.
• Traffic applications.
• Vsat.
• AVL- fleet management systems.
• Internet & data services.
• Call centers, CRM & billing solutions.
• Rescue & Emergency solutions.
• Security & certification.
• Public security applications.
• Network management solutions.
• Information technology.
• Related Civil & HVAC works.
• Teaching Institutes Applications.
• Multi-media mobile van.
• Towers.
• Power Systems.
• Shelters.
• VOIP “Voice Over IP Services “.
• CCTV & Border Monitoring.

1-Cellular networks

Our Companies have been involved in many GSM turnkey projects with a wide range of services including:
• Feasibility study and definition of system functions and network specifications.
• Identification of sites with adequate characteristics.
• Prediction of the coverage of each radio base station and of composite coverage.
• Planning of frequencies and evaluation of interference levels.
• Survey, radio monitoring and site validation for radio base stations.
• Site layout and installation materials.
• Supply and installation of towers, supports, antennae and related power supply and air conditioning systems.
• Installation of radio links and racks interfacing with the switching exchange.
• Test measurements and start-up.
• Network optimization and quality certification.
• System and plant maintenance. up

2-Switching and transmission systems

• Switching systems
Our Companies provide surveys, traffic studies, supply, installations, testing, operation and maintenance of all types of electronic and digital exchanges.
• Transmission Systems
1. Turn-key execution of Microwave/Fiber Optical projects involving design, path engineering, supply of towers, tower foundation/erection/antenna/feeder/cable hoisting/installation/line of sight/testing/commissioning of SDH/PDH digital radio/Fiber equipment ,associated Multiplex and power plants.
2. Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of TDMA and ATM systems.
3. Operation and Maintenance of transmission networks.
4. Consultancy studies relating to WLL technologies.
5. Setting of Cellular Networks involving planning of GSM cell, radio, frequency, numbering schemes and project implementation. up

3-Rural communications

We provide complete solutions for setting up of rural communication networks using indigenous and appropriate technology such as:
1. Small capacity digital UHF/Microwave systems.
2. Multi Access rural radio systems (MARR).
3. Satellite based rural networks.
4. VSATS. up

4-Local networks

We undertake turnkey assignments for planning and setting up of local telephone networks using conventional copper, optical fiber and WLL technology. This involves survey, design, planning, installation, operation and maintenance.
Our Companies has developed a vast network of contractors and vendors to implement the projects and integrate network material. This experience enables Our Companies to setup cost efficient and reliable networks.
Our Companies has made a foray in markets across the region and record a number of projects on turn-key basis. Our Companies have executed SDH fiber cable network projects in the Middle East . Our Companies activities have spread into various high-tech areas of telecom including CATV, multi-media services, video conferencing and fiber optic video transmission. up


We. have extensive experience in the design of microwave systems.
Our Companies nested the right teams to design and supply many PDH M/W radio projects including indoor & outdoor installations of DMC/DXR 200 series radio's in 1.5 GHZ band-Tetra project. Also PSD , PDH microwave radio's (Harris Micro-star series) for the Ministry of Defense and Boarder Guards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
Our Companies also has installed many indoor & outdoor SDH radio's / UHX antenna systems for JDMW – STC/Lucent.
Our Companies has worked extensively for Alcatel PDH microwave system/ grid-pack antenna utilizing MDR series. This variety in projects made it easy for Our Companies microwave teams to conform to high standards and perform multi-tasking tenders with ease and proficiency. up

6- Trunking systems

Professional Mobile Radio ( PMR) users are always trying to push their operations to new heights of efficiency. To do this , they continually demand more from their radio systems , better frequency efficiency , higher speed data transfer, encryption, flexibility, extensive coverage and increased value from their investments. These demands are met by digital trunking technology combined with an open competitive market, giving more choice and higher quality. PMR users can now share a network and benefit from services and lower costs without sacrificing security.
Our Companies Communications company represents one of the leading manufacturers of digital trunking equipment that conforms to TETRA standards. Rohill is a worldwide operating and recognized company, specialized in product and system development for professional mobile communication infrastructure. In the field of security and safety related communication products, Rohill has
established a leading role in both hardware and software as well as dedicated
customer specific solutions. Rohill products and systems are designed to operate worldwide under the most arduous conditions.
list of projects that were executed in the KSA by Our Companies:
1. Installation and Maintenance of a SmartNet Motorola Trunking system for the National Guard.
2. Maintenance of a SmartNet trunking system for SASREF a petrochemical company
3. A TETRA trunking project manufactured by SIMOCO for the Boarder Guards
4. A TETRA trunking project manufactured by Rohde & Schwarz for SCECO
5. A wide area digital trunking project for the MOD project58
6. A wide area digital trunking project for the Border Guards using Rohill equipment.
And many other classified projects up

7-Traffic applications

Automatic Red Light Enforcement
Our Companies Communications company in conjunction with a Swedish company called Traffic Applications AB, represent to any city one of the most advanced systems to monitor traffic lights.
Traffic Application and Our Companies propose to furnish any City with a state of the art Automated Red Light Enforcement System. Our industry leading detection technology, superior digital imaging technology, Back Office Information System, and quality business procedures will provide any city with a state-of-the-art turnkey solution for Red Light Enforcement.
The state-of-the-art turnkey solution proposed by Traffic Applications will enable any city improve the public safety and quality of life for its citizens through the effective enforcement against red light runners.
Our Companies brings a wealth of traffic enforcement industry experience to any mayor who likes to acquire a red Light enforcement program.
Traffic Applications use Sensors as the detection device, digital camera, and an illuminator or permanent light at site. Traffic Applications, in co-operation with IFRA net International AB, will install a remote communication system at each site to communicate with the central control unit. up


Our Companies has selected to team up with a world leader in satellite communications , G2 Satellite Solutions ( G2SS ) , a wholly-owned subsidiary of PanAmSat (Hughes Electronics ) . This group owns and operates about 80% of the global , regional & local satellite services in the world today .
The proposed joint set-up (Our Companies – G2SS) , will operate in the KSA initially as a “ VSAT Unit “ having complete autonomy and directly reporting to the board of directors of Our Companies Communications .
(Our Companies-G2SS) will be offering latest technologies and applications of VSAT services which are optimized to meet the present and future telecommunications requirements of the various government and private sectors in the KSA .
The proposed services would offer the following capabilities :
* Multiple Satellite Coverage , a large number of satellites having a footprint covering Saudi Arabia , are available to the Team .
* Multi-band Operation , the proposed equipment is capable to operate in C-Band , Ku-Band or Ka-Band .
* Intra-Network Communications , Vipersat equipment are proposed to provide mesh communications capabilities .
* Multiple Network Architecture , point-to-point and point-to-multipoint , one-way and two-way services including Hybrid and Interactive solutions . up

9-AVL- fleet management systems

The availability of GPS satellite data has allowed for the introduction of location identification as a Third-Dimension element making use of change of location. Under this new dimension, many additional management capabilities become available. This includes monitoring and control of fleets of transportation media on land and sea.
Containers and materials carried over transportation media could now be continually monitored for actual location and routing as well as telemetric functions on the mobile unit.
OUR COMPANIES Communications offers a turn-key solution services including provision of remote units mounted on vehicles and central equipment with special software to translate GPS data on digitized maps. Several media options are offered to transmit the information to and from the vehicle mounted equipment to the management center, where GSM cellular networks could be used or UHF, VHF radio systems and finally satellite communications in case no other radio coverage is available. up

10-Internet & data services

OUR COMPANIES Communications , in pace with the advancing e-transaction applications carried over data and internet back bone clouds, has established a basic ISP service and frame relay switch as a core node to provide access solutions and host applications and content.
A dedicated data license was obtained under the name of OUR COMPANIESNET which was established in 1998. The combined effort of OUR COMPANIESNET and Our Companies Communications are now offering turn- key data network solutions and secured e-transaction and applications.
Through its data centers, OUR COMPANIESNET can provide ASP services, web hosting, payment gateway access as well as connectivity to certification national and global Roots. up

11-Call centers, CRM & billing solutions

Solutions from OUR COMPANIES Communications are tailored to meet the needs of our customers and are characterized by a high degree of functionality, scalability and availability these solutions include:
• Unified ,voice mail and multi-media messaging integrated with MS Exchange.
• Complete event-driven Microsoft NT -based communications platform.
• Replace legacy PBX, ACD and IVR.
• All-in-one communications server unifies phone, web, email and fax.
• Multi-media ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) based on CRM data and agent skills matching.
• Programmable IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
• Software phone features to manage interaction handling from the desktop.
• Web server integration -support web call-back, chat and voice over IP. Push web pages, files and pre-defined messages to the customer.
• Real-time reporting and supervision.
• Directory Assistance services.
• Data Management.
• Voice Automated services.
• Mobile and Internet systems. up

12-Rescue & Emergency solutions

OUR COMPANIES Communications has provided an advanced and integrated 911 rescue call taking and dispatching system. The proposed solution is based upon the world famous POSITRON public safety system/Montreal/Canada. The various application packages are customized including language interaction and integrated on digitized maps using location identification technologies.
OUR COMPANIES Communications provides a turn-key solution including monitoring positions, AVL system, radio trunking and the core position application software packages. up

13-Security & certification

Advanced network security solutions are selected and integrated from a selection of the most advanced & latest technologies. This includes systems for authentication and electronic signature, workflow management, non-repudiation and PKI based certification.
OUR COMPANIES Communications is using the world famous Verisign Root and solutions to provide certification authority setups on both sectorial and national scales To keep pace with the incoming e-transaction era including e-commerce applications, Our Companies Communications offers the criteria of secured payment gateway linked to certification services. Such services are offered to both private sectors as well as government sectors in e-government applications. up

14-Public security applications

Our Companies has been involved in many applications that have close relation with the public. Civil documents such as passports, Identification cards, birth & death certificates. Wide area networks plus huge software packages must be employed to ensure guaranteed and fast responses from central databases.
Ministries of Interior require networks to control the boarders and also to command & control their personnel and thus need a comprehensive wide area data networks with durable package to get to the information bank as precise and quick as possible. Our Companies has implemented such networks in many regional countries. up

15-Network management solutions

OUR COMPANIES Communications in corporation with world class network management providers offer the latest management solutions.
We offer upper management level of composite networks including a mix of PDH/SDH network technologies.
• Fault handling, event collection and aggregation functions for events of alarm
• Performance related data processing including aggregation and reporting and alarm generation
• Configuration for alternative routing, traffic analysis and overflow.
• Network optimization for maximum revenue and high efficiency of utilization
• System security including access control, content management and certification using PKI technology.
• Fraud detection. up

16-Information technology

Our Companies IT division holds a wide variety of Telecom & IT products supporting the existing fields that Our Companies Communications is already involved in, as well as exploring new ideas/projects in the region.
All Telecom & IT solutions are usually executed in- house utilizing our telecom & IT staff expertise, or through alliances/ partnerships with industry leader companies (locally & internationally)
Our Telco/IT services spectrum covers:
• RFI/RFQ preparation.
- Network Management.
- Data Networks.
- IT Solutions.
- Integrated Security Solutions.
- E-Transactions.
• Complete System Design (hardware, software & communication Link).
• Delivery, installation & commissioning.
• Training.
• Consultancy. up

17-Related Civil & HVAC works

The HVAC Department's capabilities:
1. Survey Document for HVAC system in existing sites.
2. Calculation, evaluation of existing system and recommendations.
3. Installation, Testing and Commissioning.
4. Supply of containerized power generators.
5. Provide total solutions to power requirements including evaluation, design, installation commissioning and PAT. up

18-Teaching Institutes Applications

Our Companies is representing one of the major software companies in the Middle East and have come out with a powerful software package that offers great services for the management of teaching institutes and solve students admission problems.
The system consists of modules forming the building blocks for the entire package. These blocks cover admission modules, graduate modules, course management modules, academic plan modules, tuition modules, academic results module and many other important modules
Electronic Students Information System (eSIS) is an integrated modular and comprehensive system. It performs all aspects of students information functions, and addresses the needs of universities and educational institutes.
One of the main objectives of the eSIS system design is to provide educational organizations with complete and up-to-date integrated information via the intranet, internet, along with the ability to perform services from any location in the university.
This will provide students with better management for their own affairs through their study period.
The system is fully GUI and data driven system. It allows different users to obtain various types of services. Only few authorized users can perform sensitive functions as viewing or printing results or modifying registration information. up

19-Multi-media mobile van

A versatile Multi-Media Facility to serve Command & Control Functions
A special vehicle equipped with different independent telecommunication systems, each system is capable of providing local services to several users directly communicating with the vehicle within a defined coverage area. All systems have access to the national and international networks through satellite links .
This multi-media facility provides a highly reliable communication system which could act indigenously when all other systems are out of reach in addition to its mobility on land , sea and air.
Our system can provide a versatile convergence solution of multi-media facilities including , voice, broadband data and TV in addition to its mobility across the globe. Being an independent system , it provides the highest level of security to its users through end-to-end. high level encryption is provided on all systems thus ensuring full internal and external privacy and security.
The system is intended to serve VIP leadership groups including heads of state , heads of governments, prime ministers, police and security H.Q teams, emergency and rescue H.Q teams. Wide scale military applications such as Command & Control stand-by systems which also can serve as a basic infrastructure during military maneuvers and special operations. All systems are installed within a special shelter fully insulated and secured with computer room environmental control-Special space is dedicated for operators and maintenance work shop. All antennas used are of the foldable types integrated in the roof of the shelter. On the outside, air-conditioning units and power generators are mounted to insure minimum noise and pollution effects. up


Our Companies Communications Company manufactures masts , guyed towers , monopoles and self-supported of all heights and according to global standards. up

21-Power Systems

Our Power Division has been involved in many GSM turnkey projects, with the followings:
- Supply & installation of Dual Diesel Generators for GSM Sites.
- Design, Supply &Installation of HVAC Systems for GSM Shelters.-
- Design, Supply & Installation of Fire fighting & Alarm Systems for GSM Shelters.
Our Companies Power Division also supplies Solar Powers Systems, Industrial Batteries, and DC Systems.
In addition to that Our Companies Power Division also covers Power plant O&M contracts, and Power Supply Contracts, backed up by Industry leaders like S.A.B. Germany & Sunlight – Greece . up


Our Companies Communications company supply all required shelters for GSM projects. The shelters conform to global standards and are certified by the GSM operators in all the countries Our Companies worked in. up

23-VOIP “Voice Over IP Services “

Our Companies Communications offers VOIP services for inter-corporate communications over LAN / WAN networks as well as national & international gateways offering VOIP + data to licensed operators .
Our Companies Communications has arrangements with global network operators to route traffic for the rest of the world through access agreements.
Our Companies provides all necessary technical support for operation and management of the installed systems including billing and network management functions and service quality measures . up

24-CCTV & Border Monitoring

Instant detection and rapid response are the keys to the most effective border defense.
The most promising technology which Our Companies is introducing is fully photonic and consists out of the intelligent combination of Laser and highly sophisticated optical sensors. Furthermore the glass fiber technology is applied to cover long distances with the highest possible degree of interception safety.
Our Companies represents one of the leading optical manufacturers in the world. MEOS the leading German producer of optomechanical and electronical systems.
The MEOS surveillance system consists of CCD cameras, IR motion detectors, Laser light barrier curtain, central video and alarming computer including video motion detection and digital image storage. up



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